torstai 19. syyskuuta 2013

New gears have arrived. Check em out!
Wanna hear them in action? Both 10 sec streetbeetles in this video uses our heavyduty racing gears.

tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2012

Pakkauspojat Ralli / My Rally Karmann Ghia

It´s time to start bloggin.
As a racing-dude I´m not so skilled with computers, but I´ll try.
Here´s some pictures from my Rally Karmann Ghia and a story I wrote to the Lounge.

First VW-rally was driven yesterday. It was very nice winter weather there, only  minus 18-20... and enough snow everywhere in the middle of  Finland in Laukaa. VW-class was interesting and they allowed VW:s to start as first, so the road was very good. 
The specialstage was 28 km and after first round i was 1st with Ghia, next Kimmo 1302 S, third Matti 1303, Stefan with 1303 and after these came type 3:s. We had some interesting situations, because in the start we noticed that helmetphones were not working at all. Co-dirver had not similar helmet, so the adapter for the cable did not connect at all. Also after some kilometres the cold started to come in. Gasoline heater stopped and glasses began to freece and same did feet etc.  Normally the stages are closer to 10km each, but this Lankamaa was old JYVÄSKYLÄ-rallystage and it felt superlong without heating. We got it work at servicearea, but same happened at final round, just after start stopped warm airs incoming. We just got old VW-feelings back and pushed hard in cold cabin.

After two rounds the final result was: Kimmo 1302, Stefan 1303, Jussi Ghia + the rest. It was quite tight, not many seconds made the differences in top 3. The road was very interesting to drive, lot of places to drive as fast it goes and very tight places after highspeed places so many possibilities  to have "game over" easy... All VW:s hold on the road, one beetle had engine damage + one type 3 lost its oil by dropping the oilpress sender.  
This is very interesting class and the audience like these old cars between the new cars very much. Next race will be 11.february in Nurmijärvi, only 40 km from Helsinki. There will be over 10 VW:s driving. There will come also legendary Solbergs old factory-racer -69 beetle, Ulf Grönholms old 1302(WRC-Marcus Grönholms father) + many other rally VW:s. The competition will be hard, because now comes also Eki back on track with his famous 1302 and Bärlund direct from Artic Lappland rally with 1303. 

Bärlund won last year Artic Lappland rallys 1.6 class and now on this weekend yesterday also, after two days he was leading the class in very cold circumstances minus 30 degrees, but in last 48 km ! stage he lost the spark and he luckily finished rally after stopping  many times, but loosed his victory.  It was not fun to try to repair in snow  when minus 30 is around you. 
This is Finnish rally. 
Here´s a link to youtube:

More info will be in
We have now easy to continue to next race, there is nothing to repair in Ghia. Just check that the gasolineheater will work 100% and try to get gaspedalwire tighter...


PS Thanks for Juha Hannu for the pictures!